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Misspent youth from around 1960 until 1970 in and around Saltburn-by-the-sea
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There used to be a picture house at the top of Garnet Street (The Cosy Cinema) with the old fashioned big screen and curtains which used to open and close after each showing.  The highlight for me and a lot of others kids was the saturday 'matinee', which cost if I remember correctly 10d in 'old' money the equivalent of about 4p nowadays. For this we used to see two films and halfway through, after the first film, there used to be a draw for a selection of different sweets etc.  Each entrance ticket had it's own individual number and if you were lucky enough to win something then it was quite a productive event!Miniture Railway (graphic)
The owners of the cinema owned the shop on the other corner of Garnet Street, I think their name was Shipley.  A few years later a mate of mine worked in the projection room as his mother was the manageress and I got to work in there part time in the last couple of years at school for a bit of pocket money.  It was quite good as I got to see all the films for nothing and that included all the 'X' rated ones as well which were mainly horror films.

Michael Johnson and I became very good friends over the following few years.  In our early teens a few of us used to spend a lot of sunday nights round at Mike's playing cards and Antony Clifford was the guy that normally won, we used to play Solo and a few other games but I am sure Antony had a photographic memory as he could just about predict what card was coming out next!  
He used to smoke a bloody pipe that stunk, though I shouldn't complain because I smoked ciggies in those days.  There used to be a small shop on the corner of the alley between Coral Street and Garnet Street and we sometimes popped in there for a couple of bottles of Jubilee Stout or Mackeson and some 'goodies', hardened drinkers we were! lol

Caravan Site from Saltburn House (graphic)I had the honour of being one of Mikes 'Ushers' at his wedding to 'Jan' in a small village church in Loftus.  One of the good guys you seldom meet in life but if you do you are privileged believe me. Michael wouldn't harm a fly - a real gentleman.

Talking of 'gentlemen', one guy who quickly became a friend as he was close to Dave Burbidge and lived in Emerald Street as I remember, was Peter Bliwert. The term gentleman is often used to describe somebody but Peter was a true Gentle Man.  I never ever saw him lose his temper which is surprising as he was brought up in a house of 3 females, his mother and 2 sisters! He always seemed calm and at peace with the world.  A lovely, lovely man who married a great girl called Joan.  It was such a shock and a loss when he sadly passed away through illness around the age of 60. We had only just got back in touch with each other after years of me being away from the area and he arranged a bit of a reunion with Dave Burbidge and Michael Johnson being there with their wives and also a guy from my past called Rob Hutchinson who I had bumped into when visiting my own mother when she was in hospital a few months before.  I hadn't seen Rob since I was about 18 - 19.

Saltburn from the top prom (graphic)

It really upset me when Peter passed away, I hadn't realised just how ill he was at the time.  He phoned me not long before when he was on his own and my wife had gone out and we chatted for about 2 hours about everything from school, through teenage years, our families, our work, he was a plumber and I was a plasterer so we sometimes got each other work when we were young.  The reminiscing was good for both of us as each of us brought back memories for each other.  His mum was born German and always pronounced her w's as v's and as I have a 'w' in my name it often led to a few laughs.  When meeting her she would often say "Hello Stanvay, how are you?" I used to always reply "But my name is Stanway not Stanvay" and of course back came the reply "That's what I said, StanVAY!"
A lovely lady.  I had the pleasure of doing a bit of plastering at her new home when she moved from Emerald Street.

She did at one time work at the fish shop in the top back street in Amber Street opposite Maidens Plumbers. That was the best fish shop in Saltburn at the time.  If you bought fish and chips then you normally got an extra piece of fish free!   Most fish shops seem to close around about 8pm to 9pm nowadays.   Just goes to show how times have changed, the chippies always stayed open until about 11pm to catch the pub trade.   Another good one that disappeared was halfway down Ruby Street on the left.  Always full when the British Legion kicked out, but of course that has also disappeared....

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