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Misspent youth from around 1960 until 1970 in and around Saltburn-by-the-sea
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Bill Haley - Paul DeanBill Haley & the Comets

I remember walking around the town with Tom Archbold & Pete Johnson trying to fill a bus to go to the first and last Leeds Mojo Festival.  We got a full complement eventually and off we went.  The festival opened with Bill Haley and the Comets, great festival and included the Who, The Faces and many more bands of the day.
Went out for a break late afternoon and wandered into the station and who was there but only Bill Haley & the Comets all wearing sunglasses to hide their faces on a dank grey day in Leeds.

Working in Saltburn as a young lad - Paul Dean

Living by the coast gave youngsters loads of opportunities to earn a few bob and I reckon I have worked since I was 13/14 years of age. Plate of fish & chips (graphic) I spent 3 summer seasons working at the Spa Hotel which was run by the Salvatore family, who were related to the Rea's, all very much ice cream and all that goes with it.  The Spa itself was was mainly a fish & chip restaurant which had the ballroom available for coach parties. Tom Archbold, Pete Johnson, John Harris and me all got jobs there working in the kitchens.  Each day with peeling the potatoes ably assisted by the peeler affectionately known as Victoria.  Then it was cooking fish & chips for lunch & afternoon teas.
The fish came in filleted and frozen, our job was to batter it then fry it.  Each fillet was cut into two which made two teas or two lunches.  One end of the fish was thicker than the other so this was the Cod.  The other end (thinner) piece was served a Haddock and was cheaper on the menu.
Over the years we served hundreds of Cod and Haddock meals and never once did anybody complain, hence the boxes of fish became known as Cod Haddock.
Great days. ....


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