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Misspent youth from around 1960 until 1970 in and around Saltburn-by-the-sea
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This piece of work I have promised myself I would do for years but never actually got round to it. Now seems a good time.

I moved to Saltburn-by-sea from Cornwall when I was about 10 yrs of age, previously having lived in Middlesbrough (Brambles Farm) and other Boro areas, Billingham and Stockton and born in Thornaby. Never had lived in one place for more than 2 yrs so that explains a lot to me about the way I have been most of my life. I always have described myself as being from Yorkshire but being born as you can see in Thornaby I aren't, I am a Durhamite.

For those that don't know Saltburn-by-sea, it is a lovely Victorian picturesque town situated on the coast of North Yorkshire. It never seems to change it's character as so many towns do, it has remained the same since I first moved there over 60 years ago now. (Doesn't time fly when you are having fun?)
If you have any Saltburn-by-sea memories you would like to share, take a look at the 'Other Folks Memories' page at the end of the site.  Link in the left side panel.

Moving To Saltburn-By-Sea

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I made friends with Dave Burbidge and Michael Johnson from first moving to Saltburn-by-sea. We lived in a flat in Diamond Street but quickly moved on to another flat in Pearl Street a few doors away from Dave.  Michael lived over on Coral Street, the other end of the 'Jewel Streets' as they were known. Ronald Stead became a mate who lived in between me and Dave in Pearl Street.

Dave had the biggest, broadest, flattest thumbs I have ever known anyone have. He must forgive me for mentioning them if he ever reads this but I do remember them although that was about 55 years ago since first setting eyes on them.

I taught myself to swim within 2 weeks of moving to Saltburn-by-sea as we arrived at the height of summer. Dave and I spent most of the summer in the sea as I remember, going down to the beach on a morning and only returning home at tea-time.Miniature Railway (graphic)   In those days there was never any thoughts of danger or people wanting to harm you as there seems to be everywhere nowadays.  No sun cream was needed in those days either - man hadn't quite destroyed the planet as he's trying so hard to do now.  I always remember our science teacher a Mr. Saunders, if I remember correct, saying that if we didn't stop using aerosols we would destroy the ozone layer within 50 yrs, how right he was and that was back in the very early 60's. Goes to show, it was known back then but nothing was done.

One great memory I do have, is of the Saltburn Miniature Railway that the holiday makers used to ride on, through the woods up to the Valley Gardens. We used to stick a line of 'Caps' using chewing gum, (the noisy little things we used to put in 'Cap Guns', they came in little rolls) on the line and when the train went over them it sounded like the Valentine Days Massacre all over again. Frightened the holiday makers to bits. The train driver (Jimmy his name was), always stopped and tried to chase and find us hiding in the undergrowth but never did.  There was a metal linked fence set back from the railway line and we had bent one small section up, just enough to crawl through.  We would then stand there taunting him through the fence, with him reaching through trying to grab us.

The passengers would be laughing their heads off watching him running about screaming about what he would do to us if he caught us. Probably about 11yrs old at the time and nowadays of course, kids wouldn't know what 'caps' were.  We used to do that regularly over the summer holidays from school.  Still smile thinking about that!
Ended up working on the railway and the canoes down there when I was about 14, free rides of course.

I often ended up in the river/beck, rolling over in a canoe and getting a good soaking. Nothing ever is as easy as it looks unfortunately!
Jimmy was still there but never knew about our past goings-on ....

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